Single Images

Single Images (back to 1986)


Chabela, the Queen from the Cellar / Vienna, Austria
The oecumenical patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew I, visits the Orthodox Halki seminary / Istanbul, Turkey
The Little Death of Cinéma érotique / Vienna, Austria
Life Ball founder Gerry Keszler visits the Kingdom of Lesotho
Echoes on Loibacher Field / Bleiburg, Austria
Greek Bailout Referendum / Athens, Greece
The Call of the Dictator / Minsk, Belarus
Ultimate Cage Fighters Championship / Vienna, Austria

Immigration and Islam

The Beginning of the European Migrant Crises: Demonstration For Refugee Rights in Traiskirchen / Traiskichen, Austria
Refugees Welcome-Demonstration on Mariahilfer Street / Vienna, Austria
Five Years After Fleeing / Linz, Vienna, Austria

Islamism and Terror

Tushino Suicide Attack / Moscow, Russia
Beslan School Siege / Beslan, Russia
Beslan School Siege – Eight Months Later / Beslan, Russia
LIES! (READ!) – The Koran-Distributors of Mariahilfer Street / Vienna, Austria
2020 Vienna attack / Vienna, Austria

Conflict and War

Croatian War / 1991-1995 (Photos from 1992)
Bosnian War / 1992-1995
Kosovo Conflict / FRY, Macedonia, Albania, 1998-1999
With the Northern Alliance in Panjshir Valley / Afghanistan, September-October 2001